There are many data recovery softwares that specialize in separate types of recovery. Some softwares are really great at recovering files, while others are good at recovering emails, videos, and other files. One thing it seems everyone has trouble losing are photos. Photos from that Hawaii vacation in 2011 or Christmas last year seem to disappear among everything else on a computer. People forget about all the pictures they’ve lost or stored until they need them, or want to see them. People who have lost their photos are in luck. There is softwares that can save them. The table below recounts five applications that have been tested specifically for photo recovery. Each program has been tested based on speed, reliability, and how it works with photo recovery. And the apps each come with advantages and disadvantages. 

SoftwarePricePlatformDownload LinkRanking
Disk DrillPro: $89

Enterprise: $499

Mac 10.11.6 +Disk Drill 
Photo Rescue by Data Rescue $29Mac 10.12 +Photo Rescue 2
Stellar Photo Recovery Standard: $39.99

Professional: $49.99

Premium: $69.99

Mac 10.7+ Stellar Photo Recovery 3
iBee Soft Personal License: $59.95

Family License: $89.95

Company License: $299.95 

Mac 10.8 +IBeeSoft
Photo Recovery Guru $49Mac 10.7 +Photo Recovery Guru 5

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is an application that has everything. Along with having great data and file recovery features, the program recovers photos well, too. Disk Drill’s data recovery software is able to create a backup disk that stores all types of multimedia files. Another great photo feature of Disk Drill is its file preview feature. Customers can preview their photos before deciding to recover them; they can even do this before the application. This application is number one because it is so versatile and can do a lot for photo recovery.

Disk Drill

Speed: The speed of Disk Drill is incomparable to others. Disk Drill has really fast speeds with its quick scan feature and with its deep scan feature. The product can scan for and recover photos within minutes. 

Reliability: Disk Drill is a reliable and secure app. It is completely safe and simple to use. The app includes two protection mechanisms: Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. This makes it a strong, trustworthy app that customers can rely on and feel safe using. 

Photo Recovery Credentials: Disk Drill has a lot of photo recovery features. It is the top photo recovery application because it does more than just recover photos– it backs them up. Customers can review their photos before recovering them, they can scan over 400 types of photos and files, and find photos on all types of devices. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
  • Recovers all kinds of multimedia
  • Has pause and resume features 
  • Photo preview 
  • Data protection tools that are free  
  • The product is not designed specifically for photo recovery 

Conclusion: Disk Drill’s photo recovery program is still a part of its regular data recovery program. Although Disk Drill doesn’t have its own program for photo recovery, it is the best program of all. It can save photos from all kinds of devices. It can find photos lost on Icloud. 

Bottom Line: Customers don’t have to pay for an extra application to enjoy Disk Drill’s photo recovery services. In fact, they get all the data recovery they could want in one application. Disk Drill has the greatest photo recovery features. This is the program to use to recover all those missing photos.

Photo Rescue

Photo Rescue is a photo recovery software. The application works with all forms of media. It supports all kinds of cameras, as well as SD cards, memory cards, and more. It supports all the latest photos. Plus, unlimited recoveries are included with this application.

Photo Rescue

Speed: Photo Rescue is actually very speedy. It scans photos quickly and then offers them up to customers to be recovered. The program is fast, and may be one of the fastest photo recovery softwares that exist in 2021. People who need to find their lost photos fast should use Photo Rescue. 

Reliability: Those who use Photo Rescue seem to love it. However, testing it was troublesome because the application and information about it can’t be found easily online. Though it’s a great application, not much is said about it on Data Rescue either, which makes customers question how reliable it really is. Nonetheless, it works well. 

Photo Recovery Credentials: Photo Rescue has photo previews, great recovery options, and can bring back photos from all sorts of devices. In terms of its credentials, it was created to recover photos, so it works well. Plus, the application comes with free updates in the future so it continues to get better. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
  • Supports all types of files, as well as invisible media 
  • Fixes photo color that may have been lost with the photo 
  • Photo preview 
  • Affordable 
  • Customer service problems 

Conclusion: Photo Rescue is a really good application. It has features that specifically cater to recovering photos. On top of everything else, it’s really affordable. People on a budget can benefit from this product because it is less than $30. It doesn’t come with any other data recovery features, but that’s okay. It does what it needs to do for photo recovery, and to bring back those photos. 

Bottom Line: Photo Rescue is a great app, but unfortunately customers complain about the customer service. The application is not easy to navigate, and file preview does not always accurately depict what the photos will look like. Personally testing this application, it seemed to work very well. However, if customer service and help is important to people, this may not be the best application to choose.

Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery is an application that comes from the company of Stellar, which also created Stellar Data Recovery. This product uncovers files from all sorts of formats. Additionally, it recovers video and audio files; this is an added bonus. The program can recover photos from DSLRs, Video Cameras, and more. The program can retrieve deleted photos, recover photos from memory cards, and get photos off of encrypted drives. There’s not much this application can’t do in terms of photo recovery.

Stellar Photo Recovery

Speed: Stellar Photo Recovery and other Stellar applications pride themselves on being quick and efficient. If the Stellar Photo Recovery application seems to be scanning slowly, there are ways to fix this. Stellar will walk customers through how to make it faster. For the most part, however, Stellar Photo Recovery scan speeds are fast and recover the photos quickly. And the show has a deep scan option. 
Reliability: This product is very reliable. It comes from a secure software that is tried and tested. The product is regularly updated and recently released a new update in March 2020. The product can recover ordinary photos and it can recover photos from bad sectors. It’s a safe app to use and one that can definitely be trusted. 
Photo Recovery Credentials: Not only is photo recovery its own separate application with the Stellar recovery company, it also has three different versions. Customers can buy a standard version, a pro version, or a premium version. This software includes a walkthrough that customers can use to get a feel for what the program is about. Some of the great photo features it includes are: the recovery of photos, memory card recovery, the ability to create images of selected media, deep scan options, and so much more. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
  • Straightforward and easy to use 
  • Great photo and camera compatibility 
  • Photo preview features 
  • Does not restore original file names 
  • A bit expensive 

Conclusion: Stellar Photo Recovery is a wonderful application. It has so many photo features and is part of a reliable company. The whole application is easy to use and the company has good customer service. The product can recover photos from all sorts of cameras and from many devices. 

Bottom Line: This is a really good photo recovery application. Other than the fact that it’s fairly expensive for a photo recovery application, it’s worth the money. It’s easy to use and has a lot of wonderful features.

iBee Soft

People don’t recognize iBeeSoft as being a really great application for data recovery, and for being a really great application for photo recovery. This application helps customers recover lost data and photos easily and safely. The application can get data back from hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, and other devices.

iBee Soft

Speed: The scans are pretty fast and good, but the application can’t do intensive deep scans. Because of this, it’s hard to consider how fast it is. The initial quick scan is fast, though. There are no complaints from testing the product about speed, nor have any others complained about the speed of iBee Soft. 

Reliability: iBee Soft is guaranteed 100% safe and secure. In addition to this, the IBee Soft is available 24/7. Customers who have problems switching this application can reach out to the customer service team with any questions and concerns they have. They have a wonderful team that’s always ready to help. 

Photo Recovery Credentials: iBee Soft does have photo recovery features, but it’s also a data recovery software. Because of this, it’s not the top application for photo recovery. It recovers photos well and can retrieve them from multiple devices and files, but that’s not its speciality. Regardless, iBees Soft has the capability and the credentials to retrieve lost and deleted photos. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
  • File and photo preview available 
  • The scanning is structured and easy to use 
  • User friendly 
  • Great customer service 
  • Some files don’t have the right dates 
  • Only one type of scan available 
  • The scanning filter has problems 

Conclusion: This product is really good at recovery photos. However, its expertise is in data recovery. It’s an all-in-one application that could be great if its services were a little better, and if it had more features. Products like Disk Drill and Photo Rescue are better worth the money because they either specialize in photo recovery, or they have other quality features that make buying a whole recovery system with the high cost. 

Bottom Line: If customer service is important, iBee Soft is the product to buy. They are very helpful and the interface is easy to use. IBee Soft is improving every year, so if it seems worth it, get it now instead of later.

Photo Recovery Guru

Photo Recovery Guru is an effective app that is affordable and great for recovering lost pictures. The product will scan through computers and memory cards to find pictures that customers believed were lost for good. The product can work on most any digital camera and on other devices. Photo Recovery Guru is a lesser known recovery application, but it works all the same.

Photo Recovery Guru

Speed: The photo recovery guru is not the fastest when it comes to scan speeds. It works well, but it takes a little while to find and recover photos. This isn’t necessarily an issue if customers aren’t in a hurry to get their photos. However, there are many applications that are much faster. 

Reliability: The Photo Recovery Guru application is fairly reliable. The product is part of the Mac Data Recovery Guru company. This company has created safe applications that help with all types of recovery on Mac products. Their products are safe and secure. No major slowdown comes from the program either. 

Photo Recovery Credentials: The Photo Recovery Guru was created specifically to help customers with their lost photos. It is an app that specifically finds and recovers photos from all kinds of cameras and devices. If anything, this application has the best credentials of all of the applications in this list. However, that does not mean it is the best. 

Advantages Disadvantages 
  • Affordable 
  • Recovers many types of photos 
  • Recovers photos for all kinds of devices 
  • Not very fast 
  • No free trial available 

Conclusion: Of all the products on this list, Photo Recovery Guru is the most generic and simple. It does accomplish photo recovery, but it isn’t very fast, nor does it have very interesting features. This is a great low budget photo recovery option. Plus, it’s pretty user friendly. However, better photo recovery applications exist. 

Bottom Line: Buy Photo Recovery Guru because it’s inexpensive and it works. Don’t buy it because it’s the best photo recovery because it really isn’t. There are better applications for photo recovery that do better jobs. Regardless, it’s a good application that has few problems.

Final Conclusion

When looking for a photo recovery application, buy the best of the best. It doesn’t have to specifically be a photo recovery application for it to be good. Applications like Disk Drill are data recovery softwares that still helps with photo recovery. These can make for the best kinds of photo recovery applications. 

Each of the applications included in this article worked well. Some worked better than others. However, they each have something special about them that contributes to their advantages. Buy a product based on how fast they are, how reliable they are, and the advantages and disadvantages they have. 

Of the five applications tested in this article, Disk Drill is the best. It has so many great features like photo recovery and backup that make it rank much higher than all the others. Consider all the factors in this application before buying a photo recovery software. The testing done for this application will help customers find the app that’s best for them.

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